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What defines us?

Federated Investors' legacy of industry leadership has played an important role in establishing mutual funds as the investment mainstay they are today. A financial industry pioneer since 1955, Federated has grown into one of the nation's largest investment managers. We look to the future, guided by the qualities that define us:

Federated ranks as a leading global investment manager, delivering competitive and consistent results through bull and bear markets. Federated continues to increase its market footprint through organic growth and strategic acquisitions to take advantage of global opportunities.

Investment solutions
Our broadly diversified product line spans domestic and international equity, fixed income, alternative and money market strategies, providing a range of rigorously-managed portfolios. We continually seek to innovate and apply our disciplined investment process in building new ways to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Federated believes that doing business the right way over time presents the best opportunity for future growth. Our experienced investment professionals are committed to fundamental research and collaboratively manage portfolios with the goal of outperforming benchmarks over full market cycles.


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